Redefining dental hygiene using Guided Biofilm Therapy with Swiss Technology.


Independent Dental Hygiene Studio in Walkerton, Ontario

Redefined Smile provides bio individual dental hygiene care that focuses on oral health & overall health. 


Welcome to Walkerton's first dental hygiene practice using guided biofilm therapy!


Thank you for your interest in Redefined Smile! I am the owner & face behind all of this. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist & have always had a passion for dentistry. 

Registered Dental Hygienist

Bailey Donnelly, R.D.H.
Owner & Founder

Biofilm is composed of a large diversity of bacteria found on exposed surfaces of the teeth & oral cavity. Accumulation of plaque biofilm occurs with poor oral hygiene. If this biofilm is not removed at least morning and night; this accumulates to form calculus/tartar which can only be removed professionally by your dental hygienist. 

What is Biofilm?

The main focus of the Swiss technology, guided biofilm therapy (GBT), is to remove biofilm from the oral cavity aka plaque. If plaque is absent, calculus/tartar cannot form. GBT isn’t your typical dental hygiene cleaning, it focuses on complete health of the oral cavity and overall body. If bad bacteria remains in the oral cavity, this travels through the bloodstream and into the entire body. This increases your risk to many systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. 

GBT removes all bacteria from the mouth; on the teeth, gingiva (gums), and gingival tissues (cheeks, tongue). This creates a clean start for your oral cavity & overall whole body health.  
In a regular dental hygiene cleaning appointment, there is no way all bacteria can be removed from the mouth with the typical instruments used. Take a look at the video below to fully understand and witness this!

GBT is a device that uses erythritol powder and water with the use of an Airflow machine. 99.9% of biofilm, plaque & soft calculus is removed from a high-pressure stream releasing the anti-bacterial powder, water, and air. There should be no sensitivity or pain with this new technology. The results of this device is astounding. Your teeth will appear one shade whiter and no cleaner feeling will be had. Did I mention, this eliminates the use of that gritty, abrasive polish paste? 

The GBT Airflow is a complete cleaning. It is safe on implants, restorations, periodontitis clients, and hard to reach tissue in the mouth.

Redefined Smile provides a new experience for your dental hygiene appointments by using the Guided Biofilm Therapy system. Less use of hand scaling & ultrasonic scalers are used compared to traditional ways.

What does GBT feel like?

On the first appointment at Redefined Smile, an overall assessment will be completed including extra/intra oral assessment, oral cancer screening, dental hygiene diagnosis, full mouth probing, charting, oral education, and a GBT cleaning. 

What does a typical cleaning look like at Redefined Smile?

Redefined Smile prioritizes your oral health and dedicates their efforts to make the most out of your time with us. New advances allows us to make your appointment free of sensitivity and worry. Red light therapy can be incorporated into procedures to extend the healing process of gingival tissues or as a desensitizer. Call or text us today to make an appointment and to find out more about all of the unique treatments we provide and all that is to come!

Sensitivity an issue?

Redefined Smile accepts all major insurance providers.  Payments can be made directly to our office at the time of your appointment and the dental insurance company will reimburse you directly.  We assist our clients by electronically submitting your claim to your dental insurer.  We have several payment options available such as Mastercard, Visa, and Debit. 

We make it easy for you.

Insurance Coverage 

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Redefined Smile offers in office whitening, although it is preferred clients book a dental hygiene cleaning first, even if they are just pursuing a professional teeth whitening appointment. A clean and healthy mouth is necessary prior to teeth whitening so the teeth & oral cavity are absent of biofilm to allow a full whitening experience to be had to achieve your fullest potential. 

Teeth Whitening

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below! Location is downtown Walkerton - 206 Durham St E. Parking is available on the main street or in the parking lot behind the building. Text or call us today! 226-668-5114. 

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